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Smith et al., v. Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.
United States District Court, Western District of Missouri

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To make a claim under the Settlement, you must complete this form and submit it online, at www.ANIClassSettlement.com, or mail it to the Settlement Administrator at the address at the bottom of this form. Your Claim Form must be submitted online, or mailed to the Settlement Administrator, by April 27, 2020. Any claims postmarked or electronically submitted after April 27, 2020 will be ineligible for a payment. The information you provide in the Claim Form will not be disclosed to anyone other than the Settlement Administrator, the Court, and the Parties in this case, and it will be used only for purposes of administering this Settlement (such as to review a claim for completeness, truth, and accuracy).


You can submit a Claim Form if you purchased Atkins Nutritionals products containing more than 10 grams of maltitol (specifically, Atkins Nutritionals’ Chocolate Covered Candies, Chocolate Peanut Candies, Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares, Peanut Butter Cups, or Chocolate Caramel Mousse bars, collectively, the “More Than 10 Grams of Maltitol Products”) during the Purchase Period, which is defined as either: (1) January 1, 2013 to April 27, 2020, if you purchased the products in New York, California or Missouri; or (2) January 1, 2014 to April 27, 2020, if you purchased the products in any other U.S. states or territories.


Settlement Class Members who seek payment from the Settlement must complete and return the Claim Form. Before you complete and submit the Claim Form by mail or online, you should read and be familiar with the Settlement Notice available at www.ANIclasssettlement.com. Completed Claim Forms can be submitted via the Settlement Website, www.ANIclasssettlement.com, or mailed to the Settlement Administrator at:

Smith, et al. v. Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.
c/o CPT Group, Inc.
50 Corporate Park
Irvine, CA 92606




If you fail to timely submit a Claim Form, you may be precluded from any monetary recovery from the Settlement Fund. If you are a member of the Settlement Class and you do not timely and validly seek to “opt-out” from the Settlement Class, you will be bound by any judgment entered by the Court approving the Settlement regardless of whether you submit a Claim Form, as explained in the Settlement Notice.


Instructions for completing the form. Please fill out the information requested. If the information you provide is incomplete, your claim may be rejected. You must fill out all of the portions of the Claim Form applicable to all of the purchases for which you seek a Cash Award, as addressed below.

        A.     If you do not have Proof of Purchase* for one or more of your purchases of the More Than 10 Grams of Maltitol Products, then complete Section A for those purchases.
        B. B.     If you have Proof of Purchase* for one or more of your purchases of the More Than 10 Grams of Maltitol Products, then complete Section B for those purchases. You may     complete both Section A and B if you have Proof of Purchase for some, but not all, of the products that you purchased.

*Proof of Purchase means originals, copies, or images of receipts, product packaging, or other documentation from a commercial source reasonably establishing your purchase during the applicable Purchase Period.



Please select one of the following options:
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